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3 of China’s biggest companies are facing off over smart hardware operating …

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TencentTencent executive SY Lau presenting on the importance of technology to China’s economy and its implications around the globe at Brisbane’s Global Cafe event in November 2014. BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd launched on Tuesday an operating system for internet-connected devices such as TVs and watches that is open to all developers,...

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Google Inc.’s Chrome Update Could Be a Game Changer for Android Devices

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Google (NASDAQ: GOOG  ) (NASDAQ: GOOGL  ) recently added push notifications from websites to the desktop and Android versions of Chrome. The update is significant, since it gives websites the ability to deliver notifications to devices, even if the Chrome browser isn’t running. When users visit supported websites — such as eBay, Pinterest, Vice News, and...

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Google Faces Enormous Forces In Fight Over the Future of Android

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Google and its Android mobile phone operating system are facing an antitrust investigation in Europe. But the roots of the probe stretch across the Atlantic and well into the past. In 2010, enterprise software giant Oracle sued Google over the way Android made use of the Java programming language. Oracle had assumed control of Java a year earlier, after purchasing...

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Avoid this tech stock after earnings: Traders

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“I would be very careful here,” said Kelly on Thursday’s “Fast Money.” “I can’t find too many faults with the quarter, but I’m just talking trading wise—don’t get too aggressive.” Adami echoed that view saying that it was best to start taking profits on the rise that the stock picked up from earnings....

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