Posts made in October, 2016

Apple thought about making Microsoft’s Surface Studio years ago

By on Oct 29, 2016 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

Microsoft’s new Surface Studio is an intriguing, albeit incredibly expensive, new PC geared for creative professionals. Boasting an impressive 28-inch display, the Surface Studio’s underlying appeal is a specialized hinge design that allows users to collapse the display to a 20-degree angle. In turn, users can more readily use the generously sized display...

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First Click: MacBook Pro or Surface Studio PC?

By on Oct 28, 2016 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

On Wednesday, Microsoft presented us with a mixed reality vision, replete with a new “Creators Update” for Windows 10, a new version of MS Paint with support for 3D objects, and VR headsets built upon the same holographic platform as HoloLens. It felt very future-y, albeit still years away from mass adoption. Closer to the here-and-now is the stunning...

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We have some bad news about next year’s iPhone 8

By on Oct 27, 2016 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

A surprising report from Nikkei on Wednesday said that Apple will unveil three fresh new iPhone 8 models next year, including the familiar 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch flavors that fans expect, but also a 5-inch version that might be the perfect size so many iPhone users have been waiting for. However, it appears the report is already being disputed. A source familiar with...

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With Mobile, We Are the Product. With IoT, Let’s Get a Piece of the Action

By on Oct 27, 2016 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

Internet-connected devices generate data. The most recent wave of mobile devices has opened up an unprecedented world of data generation and harvesting from the network, device, and application layers. The location data, photos, videos, and other valuable exhaust from these devices is why there has been so much investment in technology, and why we are seeing...

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