Android Circuit: An Early Moto 360 Review, The Chinese Rulers Of Android, And …

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Taking a look back at the week in news across the Android world, this week’s Android Circuit highlights a number of stories, including the first impressions and images of the Moto 360 smartwatch, the Meta M1 breaks cover, more news on a potential antitrust investigation of Android in the EU, China’s dominance of the Chinese Android market, Samsung and Apple drop some patent cases, and the Tab 4 Nook has a launch date.

Android Circuit is here to remind you of a few of the very many things that have happened around Android over the last seven days.

Moto 360 Watch Has Good Battery Life, But The Circular Display Is Still Missing A Slice

Italian blogger Luca Viscardi has managed to get a hold of one of the most sought-after Android Wear items – the Moto 360 smartwatch. Putting it through its paces, he notes that the battery life is around two and a half days, the watch uses Qi wireless charging, the display works well in strong sunlight, and the black bar at the bottom of the circular display is on show. Trimming off a slice of the screen may ben ended for the electronics of the watch, but will destroying the perfect circular create too much of an unbalanced effect?

To coin a phrase, time will tell. The Moto 360 is expected to be on sale to consumers later this year.

Android Wear Screens (image: Google)

Android Wear Screens (image: Google)

The Smartwatch From Nokia’s Former Chief Of Design  Is Available For Preorder

Speaking of smartwatches, the monochrome LCD screened Meta M1 is now available for pre-order (reports The Verge). Designed by  Frank Nuovo, previously employed by Nokia and Vertu, pricing on the watch will start at $249 and focuses on a masculine look for a small market segment. Like the Pebble, the Meta M1 will work with both Android and iOS smartphones.

EU Asking Antitrust Questions Over Android 

The Wall Street Journal continues to look at the European Union’s potential antitrust investigation into Android. Regulators have sent detailed questionnaires to manufacturers and network providers asking about Google’s attitudes to competition in the Android space. Vanessa Mock writes:

In particular, regulators are asking for evidence of Google demanding that mobile devices shouldn’t be pre-installed with any application, service or product that compete with its own Android products. The questionnaire, seen by The Wall Street Journal, asks companies to provide rafts of documents, ranging from emails, internal memos to “drafts of all draft agreements” with Google, dating back to 2007.

China’s Android Market Belongs To China’s Android Manufacturers

Any forward-looking projections for smartphones manufacturers have always earmarked China as an area of potential growth. From Nokia and Palm, to Motorola and Samsung, China has been the untapped market that would drive growth in future years. Recent numbers from Canalys take a closer look at the Chinese market, and while a number of ‘western’ manufacturers are present (notably Samsung and Apple), four of the top five handset manufacturers in the country are Chinese. If you’ve been following the weekly Android Circuit columns, you’ll know who the number one is going to be… Xiaomi.

Canalys Q2 2014 Smartphone Share In China

Canalys Q2 2014 Smartphone Share In China

Samsung and Apple Drop A Number Of Patent Lawsuits

The majority of patent cases between Samsung and Apple around the world have come to a halt this week as the two manufacturers have agreed to drop all suits against each other… apart from those in America. This follows the dropping of a number of appeals to previous cases earlier in the summer, and the cooling of antagonism between the companies. No cross-licensing agreements are in place, and of course cases continue in the US, where Apple has had more success over the South Korean company.

Put The Tab In The Nook (Or Vice Versa?)

Finally, Samsung’s collaboration with Barnes and Noble now has a launch date (reports CNet). The previously announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will bring together one of Samsung’s most popular Android tablets (the Tabs) with Barnes Noble’s  online bookstore and periodical subscription service under the Nook banner. With a joint event announced for August 20th in New York, expect to see this new hardware venture on sale that day, or shortly thereafter. We’ll do our best here at Forbes to bring you an early review.

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