Apple Leak ‘Confirms’ Massive New iPhone

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New iPhones have no secrets. That much has been true ever since the iPhone grew so popular it became impossible to contain the all leaks from its massive global supply chain. And now a new one is promising the biggest news of the next generation really is size…

Backing up several consistent leaks is yet another today from DigiTimes which ‘confirms’ will indeed supersize the iPhone in 2017.

“Apple will launch 4.7-, 5.5- and 5.8-inch new iPhone models in second-half 2017, with TFT-LCD panels to be used in the former two models and AMOLED for the 5.8-inch one…Global shipments of the AMOLED iPhone in 2017 are estimated at 60-70 million units,” the publication notes, citing its source.

iPhone 8 concept. Image credit: Veniamin Geskin

It also claims Samsung will be the exclusive manufacturer of OLED panels used in the enlarged iPhone, supplying up to 20 million panels a month.

First things first, for a company which famously mocked larger phone sizes jumping to a 5.8-inch panel is somewhat surprising. Especially given rivals like Google, Samsung and LG have all downsized from 5.7 to 6-inch panels in their premium smartphones to standardise on 5.5 inches in recent years and Apple has done little to try and optimise the user experience in iOS to take advantage of the larger screen size of the iPhone Plus range compared to the standard model.

That said, I suspect the 5.8-inch measurement may include the edges considering the “all curve” display this new larger model is expected to have.

This could then make it a similar size to the dual curved 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 Edge and short lived Galaxy Note 7 which measure 5.5-inches but don’t count the curves in their measurements. Or at least let’s hope so given Apple persists with keeping the back button in the top left corner of the user interface.

iPhone 8 concept compared to iPhone SE and iPhone 7 Plus. Could Apple really be about to make such a radical change in a single generation? Image credit: Veniamin Geskin

Secondly 60-70M units is a lot for a single model and would prove a record busting year should the other 2017 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models also sell in numbers anywhere close to recent years. This would be a huge reversal in fortunes for Apple which has seen iPhone sales decline consistently in recent years and will build expectation that this premium (and higher priced) ‘iPhone 8’ (as it is being called) will be something to get hearts pounding as the line celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Of course with Apple typically only finalising iPhone designs six months before their September release a lot could still change. But after three generations of incremental design tweaks, expectations that 2017 will see the range reinvigorated are likely to hit new highs…


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