Apple supplier Foxconn says it will stop using illegal intern labour to assemble the iPhone X

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A Foxconn employee.REUTERS/Bobby Yip The Apple supplier Foxconn has admitted to using illegal intern labour to assemble the iPhone X. Students said they worked 11-hour days, which is a breach of Chinese labour law. The scandal comes after Apple reportedly faced delays in getting the iPhone X to customers. The Apple supplier Foxconn has said it will stop using illegal intern labour in its factories that are used to assemble technology products for some of the world’s biggest companies, according to a report by BBC News. Foxconn’s...

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Google’s secret mobile OS might have one feature Android never will

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If you’ve been following mobile news for as long as we have, you probably know that Google is already working on a new operating system called Fuchsia. The OS is so secret that Google never unveiled it. At the same time, Fuchsia traces have been found out in the wild, and various reports have been trying to explain what Google’s plan is. It’s still unclear what Fuchsia is or when it’ll be launched — and whether it’ll replace both Android and Chrome OS when that happens — but a newly discovered feature may help Google fix one of the worst...

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Apple will release a new and cheaper iPhone by July, according to a report

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Android O release date, name and features: OnePlus 3 and 3T updated to Android Oreo

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Android Oreo, the eighth iteration of Google’s mobile OS, has finally been officially unveiled. The mobile operating system has a handful of new features and several optimisations on the last edition, Android 7 Nougat. Here we roundup the latest news about the latest Android operating system, as well as setting out its key features and availability. Jump to: Android Oreo 8.0: latest news Android Oreo 8.0: release date Android Oreo 8.0: name Android Oreo 8.0: top features Android Oreo 8.0: enterprise adoption Android Oreo latest news...

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Android devices seen covertly sending location data to Google

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An investigation by Quartz has revealed that Android devices send cell tower location data to Google even if the user has disabled location services for apps in their device settings. Quartz also said it observed location data being sent even if devices had been reset to factory default settings. Android devices with a cellular data or a wi-fi connection were seen to send the data to Google each time they came within range of a new cell tower — including devices with no SIM cards installed (these offloaded the location data via wi-fi, where...

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The widening chasm

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Why Apple is slowly losing the long game. I think it’s pertinent to note at the beginning of an article that may involve the words “Android” and “iOS” to clarify that I’m completely agnostic to both operating systems. I’ve owned 4 Android phones, 4 iOS phones, tablets, PCs and other devices from both camps. I think both sides have intrinsic advantages over the other, which effectively leads me into writing this piece. Early versions of iOS, Apple’s premier operating system, were arguably the gold standard of mobile operating systems. Tight,...

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Revising Apple Price Estimate To $180 On Services And iPhone Strength

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We are increasing our price estimate for Apple from $166 per share to about $180 per share, to account for strong momentum in the iPhone business and a robust outlook for the company’s services division. Our price estimate represents a slight premium to the current market price. In this note we explain the changes we have made to our forecast model for the company. iPhone To See Growing Momentum With New Launches The iPhone business is set for a strong fiscal 2018, driven by the launch of the iPhone X and, to a lesser extent, the iPhone 8...

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Samsung – Empowering the Mobile Workforce

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The mobile worker is no longer the fantasy of 1990s office workers who hated sitting at their cubicle desks for eight hours a day: it’s a reality, made possible by some of the most amazing technology to have ever been developed. Just a few years ago, being a mobile worker became a reality thanks to powerful portable computers, high-speed cellular data connections, and smartphones. Today, there’s no excuse not to be mobile – technology has progressed even further, giving us better battery power for portable devices, increased processing power,...

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Apple iOS 11.1.2 Release: Should You Upgrade?

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Apple has released iOS 11.1.2, the seventh official update to the iOS 11 operating system. iOS 11.1.2 comes just one week after iOS 11.1.1, an update addressed a strange autocorrect bug (mostly). Now iOS 11.1.2 is here to fix another bizarre problem, hopefully without causing bigger ones. But has Apple succeeded where other rapid releases repeatedly failed (1,2,3,4) and should you upgrade? Not really…  Here’s everything you need to know… Apple Apple iOS 11.1.2 Who Is iOS 11.1.2 For? Like all previous iOS 11 releases, iOS 11.1.2 is...

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Adobe Touts New Lightroom, Spark Features at Pepcom New Technology Showcase

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NEW YORK – Adobe used Pepcom’s new technology showcase for media Nov. 16 to spotlight new Lightroom and Adobe Spark features. With Adobe Spark, the company highlighted the new premium features it made available in September that it said allow users to reflect their unique styles by creating and sharing “branded stories” in all three Spark formats: Post (for graphics), Page (for web pages) and Video (for video stories). Adobe initially made Spark available for free to all its Creative Cloud users in May 2016, calling it “the only integrated...

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