Everyone Slams Apple Over iPhone Battery Problems

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Apple’s problems with the MacGyvered patch to the iPhone battery issue refuses to go away. Over the weekend more representatives from the US Government have contacted Apple to ask what is going on around the battery problems, customers around the world clamoured for new batteries for the smartphones, and competing manufacturers reinforced that whatever trouble Apple’s batteries may have, the issues were unique to the iPhone. And in all of this, what little information coming out of Apple is in the form of nameless ‘Apple Spokespeople’ with no...

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From the Field

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News digest for January, 15, 2018. Just released on 1-14-2018: the 4.15-rc8 Linux kernel. You can view the commit diff here, and more information is available from The Linux Kernel Archives. The popular Linux Kernel Mailing List website is back online after going down and staying down for several days due to a power outage to the home server where it was hosted. Upon reboot, a password (for dm-crypt) was required to mount the root device; however, that in itself was not the problem. The problem was the fact that the PC’s owner, Jasper, was on...

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Apple iOS 11.2.2 Release Has A Great Secret Feature

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Apple has released the essential but highly controversial iOS 11.2.2 upgrade. And something very curious is emerging: its worst feature for some is becoming its best for others…  ‘Great Secret Features’ and ‘Nasty Surprises’ are my regular columns investigating the best features / biggest problems hidden behind the headlines. Apple Apple iOS 11.2.2 It all comes down to performance. While I’ve already reported that a number of users upgrading to iOS 11.2.2 have been hit by extreme performance slowdowns – in some cases benchmarking shows...

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Learn to create apps for the latest Android OS for only $25

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Innovation never sleeps…which is why the world-conquering Android operating system is currently on its eighth iteration, codenamed Oreo. Just as with any constantly updating interface, developers building apps for the Android O environment need to be fully up to speed on all the new features and changes it represents. You can find out how to maximize all the fancy updates and create exciting, stable new Android apps with the training available in the Complete Android O Developer Course. It’s on sale right now at the ridiculously low price of...

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The Existential Struggle of Dealing With the iPhone’s Red Update Icon

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Zebra launches mobile computer lines for Android

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Handheld and vehicle-mounted models support transition from Microsoft Windows OS. By DC Velocity Staff Logistics technology provider Zebra Technologies Corp. has launched two new lines of mobile computers designed to run Google Inc.’s Android operating system (OS), the technology that many users are choosing to succeed Microsoft Windows in enterprise handhelds, the firm said Thursday. Lincolnshire, Ill.-based Zebra announced the MC3300 handheld computer series and the VC80x vehicle-mount mobile computer, both intended to meet the...

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7 parental controls you can use right now on your kid’s iPhone

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iPhones ($1,149.00 at Apple) are like cigarettes. They are addicting and marketed to kids. Similar to cigarette manufacturers being forced to curb their advertising and sales efforts toward children, Apple has been urged to address phone addiction among its youngest customers. In response, Apple has vowed to introduce new controls to help parents better manage their children’s iPhone use. While you wait for Apple to add these new controls, here are seven controls parents can use right now to protect their kids’ privacy and...

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‘Mobile-First’ Apps are the Future of Enterprise – Business Matters

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A few years ago, Microsoft’s Windows operating system was the most used OS worldwide. However, 2017 saw their position at the top shake and eventually get toppled as Google’s Android OS now sits in first place. All of these results have been compiled thanks to GlobalStats, a research arm of the web analytics company StatCounter. Their latest report, November 2017 as of writing, showed that Android was now the primary OS used by nearly 40 per cent of businesses and it is currently on the rise. Windows, on the other hand, have dropped down to...

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Pokémon Go’s New Update Will No Longer Work On Older iOS Devices

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Image credit: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty iOS: If the kid doubling as a monster wrangler in your life is hooked on catching oddly-shaped fictional animals (or if you’re addicted to the game yourself), you’d better hope they’ve got a recent phone on which to play their favorite game. Pokémon Go developer Niantic has announced an upcoming update that will incorporate Apple’s ARKit, resulting in a more polished augmented reality experience, but bar devices unable to run iOS 11 from playing the game. Sorry, trainers. Niantic announced the change will...

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5 Design Trends We’d Like to See More of This Year

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Image: Teenage Engineering Looking ahead to 2018, there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to design. From technology companies who are finally starting to own their responsibility, to the rest of us saying goodbye to boring hardware—here are five design trends we’d like to see more of this year. Explained algorithms If 2016 was the year artificial intelligence entered mainstream consciousness (thank your Echo for that), then 2017 was the year we admitted that most of us have no idea what any of it means. Machine learning? Deep neural...

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