How to switch from Android to iOS

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From left, the new iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus may be tempting to Android users. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Have the iPhone 8 and iPhone X caught your eye? Getting a little bored with your Android phone? Whether you’re lured in by Apple’s suite of services or its slick hardware, there are plenty of reasons you may want to make the leap from an Android phone to the iPhone. The good news is that Apple already has an app that will help you switch from Android to iOS that you can download on the Google Play store. But there are some...

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Apple has a surprisingly wide range of iPhones for all types of people right now

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Apple just announced a new iPhone that costs $1,000 to start. Cue the outrage! This is the iPhone X, which starts at $1,000.Business Insider Yes, $1,000 is an outrageously high price for what is functionally similar to the smartphone you have in your pocket. If you’re anything like me, you probably balked at the new phone’s price. But there’s a crucial message Apple wasn’t quite so loud about during its big iPhone party last week: The iPhone line is wide-ranging and offers several different options for different...

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How long should a $999 iPhone last?

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I usually spend about $1,300 on a new computer, and I usually expect it to stay in good shape for about four years — if not more. So if I’m spending over $1,000 on an iPhone, how long should I expect to use it for? Smartphones have never had the longevity that modern computers have, often staying current for only two or so years. There are a good number of reasons why: For one, smartphones are historically cheaper, so it makes sense that companies would expect them to be replaced a bit sooner. But more importantly, smartphones are evolving at...

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IBM’s Watson Data Platform aims to become data science operating system

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IBM is aiming to make Watson Data Platform a de facto operating system for data science in the months ahead as it compiles various functions and parts and combines them into a cloud-based effort to make data more consumable. Turning big data into business insight through 2017 How can the cloud help CIOs to make the most of the information their firms collect? Read More Today, Watson Data Platform is a collection of services used to prepare, store, ingest and analyze data and then allow customers to build applications on top of it. These...

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The iPhone X from an Android user’s perspective – The Verge

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It’s been almost a year since the Google Pixel made me put down my iPhone and transformed me from a Google apps user on Apple hardware to a pure Google acolyte. In the grand tug of war between mobile religions, I’m now pulled in the direction of Android, and I can’t express much regret about it. But Apple has just made official its biggest redesign and rethink of the iPhone ever, and so I was definitely curious about the iPhone X and the future it paints for the Apple ecosystem. As it turns out, though, the iPhone X really isn’t a phone...

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iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8: Sleek Smartphone Showdown

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By now you’ve probably heard all about Apple’s new iPhone lineup: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. We’ve compared the pricey iPhone X to the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8, but how does the gorgeous new iPhone stack up against an even newer Samsung handset, the Galaxy Note 8, which PCMag called “the current pinnacle of smartphone technology”? Let’s compare. Name Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Apple iPhone X   Lowest Price Editors’ Rating   CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Apple A11 Dimensions 6.38 by 2.95 by 0.34...

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What the iPhone X borrowed from the Palm Pre

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I have become the unofficial standard bearer for webOS, the operating system created by Palm for the Pre and its successive devices. It was a wildly innovative and smart foundation for a smartphone done in by performance problems, mediocre hardware, and most of all by US carriers who acted as kingmakers for other companies. So as the bearer of a thoroughly-tattered banner, I’ve been hearing a lot of people ask what I thought about the iPhone X and how it borrows many of the ideas first introduced by Palm. Here’s what I think: it’s great, and...

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Order an iPhone 8 today or wait for the X?

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You can preorder an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus starting Friday. But Apple has created something of a conundrum for customers by postponing the release of its higher-end iPhone X until Nov. 3. Do you buy an 8 or wait? It’s a difference of $200 to $300, six long weeks and the ability to animate yourself as a cartoon poop. You have to dig through a lot of superlatives and made-up marketing terms (Bionic chip, Super Retina, deeper pixels) to find what’s really new in the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. To help you decide when (or...

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7 things you need to know before you buy a new iPhone

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Claudia Cruz/CNET Apple has made it harder than ever to chose an iPhone. This year the company launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and added a new super-premium iPhone X to its lineup. So, what are the differences between the three phones and which one should you buy? Here are the seven most important factors you should consider before you decide. Price iPhones have never been cheap, but this time you could end up spending almost $1,500 on one. The iPhone 8 starts at $699, £699 or AU$1,079, the Plus at $799, £799 or AU$1,229 and the cheapest X...

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Apple launches the next family of iPhones

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Posted: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 9:20 pm | Updated: 12:04 am, Wed Sep 13, 2017. Apple launches the next family of iPhones Noelle Zielinski | Life Arts Editor Apple announced the release of three new iPhones on Tuesday during their annual iPhone event. The iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Along with these, Apple announced the release of the Series 3 Apple Watch, the watchOS 4, the Apple TV in 4k and the new iOS 11 software. The iPhone 8 features an all-new glass body design. Apple claims it is the “most durable...

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