Apple iOS 11.3 Release Hides An Essential Upgrade

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Apple knows iOS 11.3 is the big one, but now its latest release has revealed something equally essential to the company’s plans for 2018… In rolling out its first iOS 11.3 public beta, it turns out Apple has once again given away product secrets. After digging through the code, 9to5Mac found it is filled with references to a brand new ‘modern iPad’. And this name reveals a lot. Apple iOS 11 Prior to release Apple’s reference for the iPhone X was ‘modern iPhone’, so the terminology is a clear distinction between it and what came before....

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Google closes $1.1B deal with HTC’s smartphone unit

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Brief: Google closed a $1.1 billion deal with HTC to add more than 2,000 mobile engineers in Taiwan to its ranks, according to Bloomberg. Google seeks to design more of its own consumer hardware and may get into the development of special-purpose chips, as Apple has done, Bloomberg said. Google’s most recent Pixel device had a new image processor to improve the camera, and the company will create more “custom silicon” in the future. The search giant previously focused on software, such as the Android mobile operating system,...

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Your iPhone Slowed Down. Here’s What to Do When the Solution Is Just as Slow.

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Apple may be dealing with the fallout for a while. The company published a lengthy memo in December saying that smartphone batteries became less effective over time and that its software was intended to prevent iPhones with older batteries from unexpected shutdowns. Apple also apologized to customers for the slowdowns, offered discounts for its battery-replacement program and said it would introduce software to gain visibility into the health of an iPhone battery. Yet since then, consumer advocacy groups have filed lawsuits against the...

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Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile updated with performance improvements

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Image Courtesy: Microsoft itself recently confirmed that no new Windows phones and features are planned, but the company has promised to maintain app and security support for the mobile platform. Microsoft Store is today receiving a new update for Windows 10 Mobile operating system and it appears to have added no new features. Microsoft Store has been updated to version 11712.1001.16.0 in the Production Ring (available for everyone). The updated version of Microsoft Store comes with performance improvements and bug fixes. It...

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Apple Leak Reveals Controversial iPhone Cancellation

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You can’t keep Ming-Chi Kuo down. The famously accurate KGI Securities’ analyst has continued his January hot streak by revealing the head turning iPhone X cancellation may not be the only famous iPhone model Apple scraps this year…  In a new report leaked to MacRumors, Kuo reveals Apple is set to scrap its popular (and most affordable) model: the iPhone SE. He cites a lack of resources behind the move as Apple has now shifted its manufacturing focus to releasing three flagship smartphones each year. Apple iPhone X will not last long and now...

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Android vs iOS: which mobile OS is right for you?

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A spiritual successor to the Mac versus PC debate that still rages today, the question of whether Android or iOS is the better operating system is a tricky one. While Android users criticise Apple for its pricey hardware and locked-off operating system, iOS users have similarly taunted Google fans over Android’s occasionally-clunky UI design and security woes. For businesses, picking the right operating system for employee devices can be a crucial choice, and one which can have a profound impact on your workforce’s happiness and...

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Here’s How To Check The Battery Health Of Your iPhone, Reliably And For Free

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The free coconutBattery application for Macintosh, shows the battery health of your iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Apple made billions in hiding the fact that it was slowing down the performance of an iPhone with an aging battery, pushing people to buy a new phone rather than a new battery. Worse, the technology giant only admitted the existence of its secret power management “feature” in iOS to avoid phones “sudden shutdowns” only after being caught red-handed by performance benchmark tool Geekbench last...

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Google Bets a Billion Dollars More Brains Can Help Take On Apple

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Google officially closed its $1.1 billion deal with HTC Corp., adding more than 2,000 smartphone specialists in Taiwan to help the search giant chase Apple Inc. in the cut-throat premium handset market. The deal will help Google wade deeper into designing its own consumer hardware and special-purpose chips — like Apple. Google’s most recent Pixel model came with a new image processor to improve the device’s camera. More of this “custom silicon” will come in future Pixel devices, Google’s hardware chief Rick Osterloh said in...

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iPhone X SE Leak Reveals Apple’s Expensive Smartphone

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He’s back again. Acclaimed KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been prolific in January and now he brings us insight into Apple ’s iPhone plans for 2018 and not everyone is going to like them… In three new reports each attained by MacRumors, Kuo states Apple will launch three iPhones based on the iPhone X design this year: a second generation 5.8-inch iPhone X, a 6.5-inch ‘iPhone X Plus’ and a long awaited and supersized 6.1-inch ‘iPhone X SE’. So far so good and there’s more good news as well. iPhone X next generation concept Kuo states...

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Best Laptop 2018: Pixelbook Vs. MacBook Pro 13 Vs. HP Spectre 13 Vs. Dell XPS 13 (Review)

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Google Pixelbook. Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell all offer solid new versions of their flagship 13-inch models. And Google has entered the fray with its Pixelbook. I’ve been using all four. So which one comes out on top? (Note this is an update to a previous post and adds the Google Pixelbook because of its significance in 2018. Changes have been made to rankings too. And note that biometric and keyboard notes are at bottom.) The configurations that I’ve been using are: The late-2017 Google Pixelbook with a 1.2-GHz Intel Core...

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