Booking On Mobile Apps Makes The Mainstream – Now It’s Time To Make It A No-Brainer

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New mobile engagement data suggests it’s a banner year for booking apps. Photo: Shuttershock

People are accustomed to doing loads more with their mobile apps, regarding them as the collective “go-to” for everything necessary to organize, optimize and enjoy the daily routine. As a result, consumers are primed for deeper engagement “in-app” at precisely the same time that more marketers are looking beyond the app install to drive conversions deeper in the funnel. It’s a dynamic that pushes down the cost to acquire users who will convert and boosts the chances of many app categories – especially booking apps – to win big.

This is the chief takeaway of the 2017 Mobile App Engagement Index from performance app marketing and retargeting platform Liftoff. Drawing from internal data based on 120 billion ad impressions across 30 million app installs (from September 2016 through August 2017), the reports shows that the cost-per-first-booking has dropped significantly compared to last year, indicating that “booking apps are in the sweet spot.” Put simply, apps that enable users to book a flight, dinner, hotel or car sharing service benefit from low acquisition costs and high engagement.

According to the Index, the peak cost to acquire a mobile user who went on to make a booking with the app was $36.95, nearly half of the cost the previous year ($61.09). The overall decline in CPAs coupled with conversion rates that show robust growth underline the key finding that booking on mobile is hitting critical mass adoption.

Whether consumers plan trips– or just a night out – they are reaching to their apps to do it. Interestingly, the data shows that the popularity of booking apps spans both platforms (iOS and Android) and gender – with some differences. If you aim to buy low and engage high, Liftoff’s data indicates that women are not a bargain. Overall, males are nearly 43% more likely to register and 45% percent more likely to make a reservation or booking. 

Competition to remove the friction

Connect the dots in the data, and Liftoff declares that “the mobile takeover for travel booking is officially here.” Is that because people have become accustomed to making reservations with their mobile apps? Or is because marketers have succeeded in delivering apps and experiences that make it easier and faster for users to input the data and details that allow them to book a restaurant or a ride in the first place? The data doesn’t give the answer. But it does provide solid proof users are warming to the idea of deep-funnel engagement activities.

Little wonder competition among companies to drive deep-funnel conversions through booking buttons and other shortcuts is likewise is heating up.

It’s all about finding ways to remove the friction at the mobile moment of inspiration, when consumers are engrossed in content and eager to connect with more information or opportunities relevant to their experience.

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