Can Huawei Take on Google’s Android With Its Own Mobile OS?

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Huawei may be among the world’s top smartphone manufacturers, and it gained more attention after it partnered with Google last year to launch the latest Nexus smartphone. Now the company is embarking on a new journey, possibly readying for life after Google.

According to a report from The Information, Huawei is working on its own mobile OS to take on the popular Android operating system. If the report is to be believed, the company already has a team in place that is working on the new mobile OS. Set up in Scandinavia, the team has ex-Nokia employees as engineers on board.

There, however, has been no official word from the company on it yet, but as the report suggests, the idea behind creating an alternative OS is to have a backup ready if the company doesn’t get along well with Google in future.

While Huawei has been using Google’s Android OS (with its EMUI skin atop) for years now, the company appears to be all geared up to reduce its reliance on Android. And if the report is to be believed, Huawei’s new mobile operating system “isn’t far along.”

It is yet to be seen when and what exactly Huawei comes up with, but what is clear is that the company is aiming to break the monopoly that Google’s widely-used Android OS has had for years now.

Going by developments in the recent past, Huawei is not the only Android phone maker trying its hands at an alternative. Samsung also has developed its Linux-based Tizen OS, which, so far, has not been a success on smartphones. It, until now, has majorly been installed in IoT devices.

Samsung’s Tizen may look more or less like Android, but why it still has not been been able to attract more smartphone users is the poor ecosystem and the lack of developer support. And this is what too could be a roadblock in Huawei’s plans. And that’s what becomes a key challenge in developing an alternative to Android, which has a vast ecosystem and is easily available from every next OEM.

The big question for companies that have been exploring Android alternatives is that can they create an OS that hits with consumers so strongly that are ready to compromise on the ecosystem and apps?

The fact of the matter is that after Windows Mobile failed to attract OEMs, Google has got an even stronger monopoly on mobile operating systems that can be licensed to third-parties.

While these are merely theories based on past moves and the current trend, nothing can be predicted in the fast-changing technology world.

How far Huawei goes in competing with Google’s Android is something that can be ascertained only after Huawei plays its new card.

The new mobile OS from Huawei may take its own course of time to see a day of light, the company’s EMUI with new changes is coming soon. More so because the company’s EMUI has been heavily criticised for its poor design and aping iOS’s design elements.

Ironically, the company has hired former Apple designer Abigail Brody to redesign its Android skin so that it doesn’t look like Apple’s.

According to The Information, changes in EMUI could include redesigned icons, a clean and fresn color palette, and the addition of an app drawer.

The company is expected to announce its redeisgned software this September.

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