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Data and design can keep mobile travellers engaged

By on Jul 24, 2017 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

Our lives have become increasingly mobile, with research showing that US consumers spend more than five hours each day interacting with on-the-go devices. NB This is a viewpoint by Ed Burek, director of marketing solutions at SiteSpect. Today’s connected travellers aren’t just spending more time on mobile, their expectations for this channel are growing at the same...

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A Tribute to Windows Phone

By on Jul 23, 2017 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

On July 11, 2017, Microsoft dropped mainstream support for their last “Windows Phone” smartphone operating system; Windows Phone 8.1. While Windows 10 Mobile is still around and still supported, Windows Phone 8.1 was far more popular and far more widely used even a couple of years after Windows 10 Mobile’s release. Considering how terribly buggy Windows 10 Mobile...

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Preparing for the Jump to a New Operating System

By on Jul 22, 2017 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

Q. I have been a dedicated PC user since the mid-1980s and have only used Windows-based computers, but I am now contemplating a switch to Apple and have concerns. Will my external backup drives be accessed smoothly once connected to a Mac? I don’t use the cloud because I don’t want my stuff out there and don’t want any additional storage expenses. How do I transfer...

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Does faith need an operating system?

By on Jul 21, 2017 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

I can still remember walking into my college computer lab (do they have those anymore?) when the Windows 95 operating system first came out. Instead of the blue screen and function key commands I was accustomed to while using WordPerfect, Windows 95 was a visual, drag and drop GUI (graphical user interface), first pioneered by Apple, and it represented an enormous...

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The Latest in Web Design? Retro Websites Inspired by the ’90s

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“They’re tipping their hat to the 1990s,” said David Lee, the chief creative officer of Squarespace, a web platform company based in New York that has created millions of websites for clients. Mr. Lee said that he has seen a recent uptick in what he calls an “anti-design brutalism,” with clients opting for more bare-bones, retro-looking sites. Photo The website for...

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NuAns’s Neo Reloaded is a modular smartphone that puts form over function

By on Jul 19, 2017 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

The smartphone industry has changed dramatically over the last few years, and companies are learning that it’s not quite enough to get by on raw firepower alone. The designs of today’s devices have become just as important as what they can do in the eyes of many, and no company embodies that approach like NuAns. Its customizable smartphones could be the ultimate...

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