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Apple iOS 10.3.3 Has A Great Secret Feature

By on Jul 24, 2017 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Apple iOS 10.3.3 has problems but what appears to be an otherwise dull update on the surface, actually hides a crucial improvement (but bad news for older iPhones) if you delve deeper… ‘Great Secret Features’ and ‘Nasty Surprises’ are my regular columns investigating operating system updates for the best features / biggest problems hidden behind the headlines....

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Google’s Brilliant iPhone App Sucks On Android

By on Jul 23, 2017 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Google’s simple yet impressive iOS app, Motion Stills, is finally available for Android users, but it’s a very different beast from the original version. Google Previously an iOS exclusive, Google’s Motion Stills is now available for Android. Designed specifically to work with Apple’s Live Photos, Motion Stills for iOS works with the short motion sequences...

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Antivirus for Android Has a Long, Long Way To Go

By on Jul 22, 2017 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Antivirus programs on PCs have a mixed track record. While generally useful, they still have to play catch-up with evolving threats–and their deep system access has on occasion enabled even worse attacks. Now, as antivirus products gain in popularity for Android devices, they appear to be making many of the same old mistakes. A key part of the current shortcomings...

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iPhone 8 Leak Explains Apple’s Expensive Secrets

By on Jul 21, 2017 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Following my exclusive earlier this week, I can confirm exactly what the iPhone 8 looks like. But when will you be able to buy biggest redesign yet and at what cost? This is where the bad news starts… The ever reliable 9to5Mac has obtained a new report from J.P. Morgan which states the iPhone 8 will be both significantly more expensive than any previous iPhone and...

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Update to iOS 10.3.3. Now to Fix a Major Security Flaw in Wi-Fi

By on Jul 20, 2017 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Photo: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images It’s easy to put off an iOS update — downloading the file and restarting your phone can be annoying. But you should grab Apple’s most recent update, iOS 10.3.3, as soon as possible: It patches a serious vulnerability over Wi-Fi that would allow an attacker to take complete control of your phone. Known as Broadpwn, the...

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Google introduces the feed, a personalized stream of news on iOS and Android

By on Jul 19, 2017 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Google today is rolling out its take on the news feed, a personalized stream of articles, videos, and other content. The feed will appear in its flagship app for Android and iOS, simply called Google. The feed, which includes items drawn from your search history and topics you choose to follow, is designed to turn Google’s app into a destination for browsing as well...

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