Computop Announces Plugin for International Payment Methods in Spryker Applications

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The integration of Computop Paygate makes it easier for manufacturers, retailers and agencies that are developing digital commerce solutions based on the Spryker Commerce OS to integrate international payment options and fraud prevention. For example, when it comes to credit card payments, retailers now have access to over fifty acquiring connections. These include the direct connection to Discover, which is primarily relevant in the US market.

Retailers who also operate bricks-and-mortar shops can expand their payment systems into true omnichannel solutions using Computop POS terminals. This enables them to process and analyse payments from all channels and markets using a single database.

“Spryker and Computop are an excellent match,” says Bernd Schelter, Extensions Partner Manager at Computop, “because the operating system’s agile, modular design fits perfectly with using Computop to operate individual payment solutions, especially for larger retailers.”

Patrick Kleine-Albers, Director of Industry Partnerships at Spryker Systems adds, “With Computop, we are expanding our ecosystem to include a payment solution that optimally meets our customers’ requirements and can handle increasingly diversified transaction processes in the payment world.”

About Computop  

Computop is a leading global payment service provider (PSP) that provides compliant and secure solutions in the fields of e-commerce, POS, m-commerce and Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO). The company, founded in 1997, is headquartered in Bamberg, Germany, with additional independent offices in China, the UK and the US. Computop processes transactions totalling $24 billion per year for its client network of over 14,000 large international merchants and global marketplace partners in industries such as retail, travel and gaming. Global customers include CA, Fossil, Metro Cash Carry, Rakuten, Samsung and Swarovski. Following the recent asset deal with the Otto Group, Computop is now processing payments for merchants that previously used EOS Payment, including all 100 Otto retail brands. In cooperation with its network of financial and technology partners, which it has expanded over many years, Computop offers a comprehensive multichannel solution that is geared to the needs of today’s market and provides merchants with seamlessly integrated payment processes. For further information, please visit

About Spryker  

Spryker is the developer behind the unique commercial operating system, Spryker Commerce OS, for the post-desktop, post-shop era, allowing companies to reach their customers across any conceivable digital contact point. In an age of constantly changing user expectations and device diversity, Spryker Commerce OS allows quick implementation of new customer interfaces (apps), such as desktop shops, mobile apps, internet of things (IoT) scenarios, or chatbot and voice recognition, opening new sources of revenue with minimum lead times. The Spryker Systems team is based in Berlin and Hamburg.

Find out more at and on Twitter: @sprysys.

SOURCE Computop

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