Friday’s Morning Email: Conservatives Underwhelmed by Jeb

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CPAC CONSERVATIVES: NOT ANOTHER BUSH “When he speaks here Friday, Jeb Bush isn’t likely to win over many hearts and minds at the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual gathering of activists and party leaders near Washington. Establishment Republicans like the former governor of Florida rarely do so at an event dominated by a young, libertarian wing of the party.” [Igor Bobic and Christina Wilkie, HuffPost]

STOPGAP BILL COULD EXTEND DHS SHUTDOWN BATTLE BY THREE WEEKS House Republicans were unhappy with the measure, which they feel gives too much to President Obama. [Elise Foley and Sabrina Siddiqui, HuffPost]

$25 IS ALL YOU NEED TO GET FROM TURKEY TO SYRIA Behind Turkey’s “jihadi highway.” [Sophia Jones, HuffPost]

WHAT THE FCC’S NET NEUTRALITY RULING MEANS FOR YOU “You’ll still get Internet service from your provider (Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Verizon and so on), but the government will classify service differently than how it did before. The FCC’s decision Thursday means broadband is considered a public utility, basically like electricity or telephone service. The classification is important, because it prevents providers from charging more for services like Netflix to reach audiences.” [Damon Beres, HuffPost]

JIHADI JOHN One of the most prominent people in the Islamic State apparatus grew up in London, trained as a computer programmer, and has been called a “beautiful young man.” Families of those hostages that Jihadi John had executed on camera for ISIS reacted to news of his identity with calls for his capture. [Nick Robins-Early, HuffPost]

A LIFE ON HOLD AS GENERAL PETRAEUS AWAITS TRIAL The former head of American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan has his own shop at KKR these days, but the impending decision of whether or not the General should be indicted for sharing classified information with his lover continues to hang over his day-to-day actions. [NYT]

AFGHANISTAN’S FIRST FEMALE TAXI DRIVER “Sara Bahayi is Afghanistan’s first female taxi driver in recent memory, and she is believed to be the only one actively working in the country. She’s 38. She’s unmarried. She’s outspoken. In this highly patriarchal society, where women are considered second-class citizens and often abused, ­Bahayi is brazenly upending gender roles.” [WaPo]


THE DRESS IS BLUE AND BLACK Everything you need to know about the debate that swept Twitter last night. [WaPo]

KANYE WEST APOLOGIZED TO BECK On Twitter, at least. [HuffPost]

LLAMAS ON LLAMAS ON LLAMAS A slow-mo llama chase happened in Arizona yesterday. [HuffPost]

LABS STILL MOST POPULAR DOG IN AMERICA German Shepherds took second place. [AP]

BANKSY PAINTING IN GAZA TO DRAW ATTENTION TO CONFLICT The street artist whose identity is a top secret is working in Gaza to draw attention to the struggles of Palestinians who reside there. [HuffPost]


WATCH OUT FOR THESE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES They have the most pesticide exposure. [HuffPost]


‘VETERAN VISION PROJECT’ SHOWS WHAT’S BEHIND THE UNIFORM The photography project reveals veterans’ full selves. [HuffPost]


AMAL CLOONEY: EGYPT SHOULD RELEASE CANADIAN JOURNALIST MOHAMED FAHMY “Documents have become available showing that even the prosecution has criticized the judgment of the trial court — presided over by a judge known as the ‘executioner’ — that convicted Mr. Fahmy and his colleagues. The prosecutor’s statement to Egypt’s highest court on the appeal argued that there was insufficient evidence to sustain the charges. First, it concludes that there was no evidence to show that Mr. Fahmy and others were ‘members of a group founded in contravention of the law.’” [HuffPost]


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