iPad Pro 2 Release Date Set On March 2017? Leaked Photo Hints At Slimmer Design; No Headphone Jack Expected

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It has been over a year since the original iPad Pro was launched. With demands not high as high as before, perhaps it is no surprise that we did not see the iPad Pro 2 at the October 27 event.

According to Mac World, the iPad Pro 2 is expected to be released in March 2017. Here is what we know so far.

As per Tech Radar, the new iPad Pro is expected to slimmer and lighter in design. The website also speaks of a leaked photo of new tablet which is believed to be the upcoming tablet.

The iPad Pro 2 should be launched with the next version of iOS-possibly iOS11-the next mobile operating system from Apple. The tablet under all normal circumstances should feature the much talked about and powerful A10X processor. Rumors speculate about a 4GB RAM capacity for the upcoming iPad Pro model.

As per Mac rumors, well -known industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted a new variant for the upcoming iPads which are to be launched in 2017. It is said that new model with 10.5 screens could be released to add more appeal to education and business users.

As the Cupertino giant removed the 3.5 mm standard headphone jack from the iPhone 7 it is expected to bring over the changes in the iPad family as well. There is also the expectation of the new iPad Pro to be dust and water resistant.

Overall, we can also expect some improvements on the screen, a few technology tweaks and perhaps an increase in battery capacity. The Smart connector  feature is expected to be there in the upcoming IPad Pro 2.

Like many Apple fans, we can anticipate a very powerful and eye-catching device similar to the original tablet in the new Apple iPad Pro 2. Stay tuned for more updates.

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