Predictions on the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday iPhone and …

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Giff Gaff

On a monthly contracts over 24 months, Giff Gaff reduced the Apple iPhone 5S 16GB price from £329 to £299 (with customers paying £13.69 monthly). They also lowered the Apple iPhone 5S 32GB price from £399 to £379 (with customers paying £17.36 monthly).

And for Apple Watches?

Last year the coveted Apple Watch was on sale at John Lewis for £399, Amazon for £309.99, and KRCS for £896.02. This year the second Apple Watch came out, so with a newer model on the market, there could well be discounts on the original. 

The 2016 model has upgraded GPS connectivity, is 50 per cent faster and has an improved battery though, so fingers crossed that one is on offer too. It’s also swim-proof. The watches are available in aluminium, gold and stainless steel as well as a ceramic material. The pearl-like shiny case is four times stronger than stainless steel.

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