Rumor: iOS 7.1 to Hit in Early March

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So churneth the rumor mill. According to the latest batch of unnamed sources speaking to 9to5Mac, Apple’s first major update to iOS 7 is expected to hit in “early March.” That’s a wee bit later than some of the other rumors that pegged Apple’s update arriving in the next few weeks or so. Suffice to say, it appears as if iOS 7 will be arriving imminently, if nothing else.

If you’re one of the lucky few who can get your hands on beta releases for versions of Apple’s iOS, said mystery source also comments that the current beta version – number five – will be the last prior to the final release of iOS 7.1.

So, what’s changing?

A few new tweaks include the ability to disable Apple’s parallax effect for one’s wallpapers via a new setting called “perspective zoom,” which you can allegedly set immediately after picking the wallpaper of your choosing. There are some brand-new UI tweaks to the screens for making and answering phone calls, mainly the addition of circular icons into the mix. The shift and backspace keys are now highlighted on the iOS keyboard, and the letters themselves are a bit bolder than how they were displayed in prior iOS iterations.

Both the “slide to unlock” and “slide to power off” buttons have a tweaked animation and, as MacRumors reports, scrolling through Messages has “slightly more bounce” to it than before. The process of creating contacts from phone numbers you’re tapping into your phone is a wee different as well; gone is the “+ Add to Contacts” link that would appear beneath numbers, replaced instead by a more pleasant plus-inside-a-circle icon that sits to the left of the number itself.

The Calendar app in iOS 7.1 gets a brand-new event list view for those just looking for a quick way to see what’s coming up in their busy lives. Accessing it is as easy as tapping a bolded icon to the left of the magnifying glass within Calendar. A “button shapes” feature within one’s Accessibility settings helps out those who need a little assistance knowing where, exactly, to tap on their devices to activate features. However, the “dark keyboard” option also found within the Accessibility settings is now gone for good.

Bad news for those looking for an easy jailbreak for their devices, however: iOS betas 4 and 5 both defeat the handy iOS 7 evasi0n jailbreak – at least, until iOS 7.1 is released and the community finds a creative way around the process once again.

iOS 7.1 also comes with a number of critical bug fixes, including a patch for a recently uncovered exploit that makes it relatively easy to bypass the password restrictions that keep one from disabling the Find My iPhone feature on a person’s device.

For more, see PCMag’s full review of iOS 7.

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