What Smartphones, Other Mobile Devices Will Apple Introduce Sept. 7?

By on Aug 30, 2016 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

Apple has finally set the date for what has become an annual ritual: a special September media briefing to introduce its latest mobile products. This year it will take place Sept. 7 in San Francisco, where Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone that most pundits predict will be the long-anticipated iPhone 7. The announcement comes after months of speculation over whether Apple would launch a major upgrade or an iterative update to the iPhone 6s. Currently, all signs are pointing to a relatively minor update this year, followed by a major iPhone refresh in 2017. Regardless, demand for Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected to be strong when it reaches the market later in September and, as usual, Apple will put on a good show to excite its loyal customers. But Apple’s event could focus on more than an iPhone. There’s a chance the company could unveil new iPads, and there’s also talk that a new Apple Watch could make an appearance. It’s even possible that Apple could announce a MacBook Pro featuring a touch bar above its keyboard. This eWEEK slide show prognosticates about what products will take the stage at Apple’s Sept. 7 event.  

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